Gracias por todo. Excelente rodada. – Salvador Martinez Rodriguez

Yes. Very very very well organized. Love it!!! – RG Lozano

Thanks so much! Rest stop 5 was the best. They had ice!!!!!! Friendly helpers and even 1st aide assistance! – Tina Coddington 

Great water stations with Gatorade, pickles, cookies, snacks and best of all…Lots of Friendly Smiles….!!! Thank you to Everyone…🚴❤️🚴…!!! – Sandy Acosta

If you think this ever gets easier – you’re wrong. It’s so hard to complete 100 miles or more, but you get stronger in so many ways. I am extremely proud that I’ve made or pushed or convinced myself to keep going every time. Believe me sometimes the smiles hide the pain, but I love it & love my biking friends. We may be crazy, but that’s ok. I want to thank Irma Hermida & Ramon for making this ride possible. – Rosie Cantu, Brownsville, Texas.

This is my first time and I want to recognize all the staff for their excellent organization in this type of bike race, their attention to the participants I hope to be able to return next year thank you very much! – JossuEver Guevara Garcia, PalmValley, Tx

Thank you for putting together a great event. The burger at the end of 100 miles. Priceless. – Luis Coo

Excellent event. I really enjoyed it and all the volunteers at the stops. Thank you for such a wonderful windy ride and day. ️ Jennifer Lynn Kilgore, Brownsville, Texas

Dear organizers, thank you for the wonderful ride. Everything was perfect! We love the route, friendly rest stops, courteous and professional SAG, and the food. We cannot wait for next year’s ride! Thank you! – Edgar Gaucin, Brownsville, Texas

It was our first pico de gallo and We loved it !!! – Beatriz Hinojosa-Porras

It all started for me a few years back with this tag from a co-worker at school. I was introduced to Beula who in turn introduced me to the 5am group. The most I had ridden at the time was 30 miles on an old Schwinn bike I bought for 100 dollars. My love for riding made me yearn to do more and more each ride. With the hope of completing at least 50 miles, I set out with four great girls also on their quest to reach 100. I remember the wind, the pain at 90 miles, but mostly the smiles and the strength of others along the way. PICO was my first century ride and it remains a sentimental and memorable ride for me. It is a symbol of the unity of those who love to ride. The foundation created by great people such as Ramon Hermida,Irma Hermida,Eudy Carrillo and hubby. It’s substance a mixture of old and new, experts and beginners, but all sharing the love of the road. It is a place where we can all meet and enjoy the ride. This is my fifth PICO and as usual, filled with many people that I admire, respect and love to ride with. There are too many to tag, just know if you are reading this, the miles you have ridden with me and shared, mean the world to me. See ya next year! – Lisa Ann Rocha,

Congratulations to everyone who participated and the events organizers you guys outdid yourselves. – Alicia Galvan Trevino

100 miles, wind and more wind, fun, friends and an awesome cycling community! As always this was a great event. The organizers and awesome sponsors and volunteers are to be commended! This is always one of my favorite events and I do a lot of them. Thanks again Eudy Carrillo, Enrique Carrillo, Irma Hermida and Ramon Hermida. You truly are special people! Oh yeah my legs hurt, LOL – Richard Cavin, San Benito.

Muchas felicidades a todos nuestros amigos que participaron en el Pico de Gallo Century Bike Ride, fue genial terminar esas 100 millas, las ultimas 35 millas fueron infernales, agradecemos a los organizadores por todas las atenciones y muchas felicidades por este grandioso evento. – La Resistencia Cycling Team, Reynosa.

Here’s a big shout out to the organizers of the 2016 Pico de Gallo 100 ride!! Luis Bryce and I traveled down from San Antonio at the invitation of Richard Cavin who put us up for the night before the ride. We were introduced to the dynamic RGV cycling community and the hospitality shown to us was truly outstanding. I believe I was the only recumbent rider, and the combination of headwinds, lack of recent training, and road surface friction really slowed me down, so I decided to SAG in with Enrique who was driving the sweep vehicle at around the 30-mile mark. Otherwise, it might have been rather dark and chilly by the time I got back to the park. Even though we didn’t finish the ride, we both had a great time and will hopefully return next year.
One thing we definitely learned: Richard has lots of great friends in the RGV cycling family.
Thanks also to Irma Hermida for my jersey and getting it in time for the ride! I think this jersey will be one of my favorites. – David Duncan

10 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Irma, my wife and I would like to sign up for the ride. How do we go about it? Also, I went by Walley’s Bicycle Shop today and was able to buy a jersey for my wife but unfortunately was not able to buy one for me. Are the jerseys club cut or race cut? And are there any XXXL available? Thanks for your help.

    • There is no need to sign up for the ride since the ride is free. All we are asking is that you sign the waiver that morning. You will receive a wrist band to indicate you have signed the waiver. Can’t wait to see you guys there!

  2. After all the feedback we received from last years post ride survey, we have decided to improve the ride by adding event insurance, custom bibs, road signs, and making event T-Shirts. Thanks to all that took the time to complete the survey. We are very excited to put this event together again and hope you will enjoy the ride. 🙂

  3. What about the Fiesta Marathon the next day?

    We are absolutely thrilled that there is an event for everyone on the same weekend…the Pico de Gallo Century Ride for cyclists and the Fiesta Marathon for runners. Both are incredible feats of endurance and accomplishment for any athlete. Good training opportunities for an iron man to say the least. I was not aware of the Fiesta Marathon until yesterday, but we saved the date a while back. The PdG100 is always the weekend before everyone leaves for the Christmas break. I will be SAG this year and a few people doing the Fiesta next day have offered to volunteer and save their legs for the marathon. One of them, Patty Reyes-Garcia will be riding with me…it’s the party SAG vehicle! Perhaps people can alternate between the two next year 🙂 It’s all good and hope everyone has a wonderful time.

  4. I rode the 2011 Pico De Gallo, great ride, more of an endurance ride because of the MISERABLE weather!!!

    My congratulations to all who finished and hats off to organizers.

    It did seem a little disconnected last year, I finished and was given a card and told i could pick up my pin at Wally’s Bike shop. Went there twice and both times they had no idea what i was talking about. Glad to see there is gonna be more structure this year.

    I understand there are growing pains and learning curves,
    thanks again

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